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Dr. Jutta Ziegler and her team welcome you to our landing page in English.

Welcome to the website of Dr. Ziegler!

Beside the health food shop, which is located next to the veterinary practice of Dr. Ziegler, you can visit our website comfortably and from home, where you can find everything you need for a healthy and correct nutrition of dogs, cats, horses and rodents. In addition, you can expand and update your knowledge of veterinary medicine with a holistic approach through the books, DVDs and brochures by Dr. Jutta Ziegler. On our website you will also find information about the current seminars and conferences of Dr. Jutta Ziegler. Browse the pages of our online catalogue!
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A visit or a phone call to Dr. Jutta Ziegler's practice is worthwhile!
We offer nutritional advice and the preparation of nutrition plans by telephone and, of course, by e-mail.
"As a veterinarian with a holistic and long-standing approach, I have treated countless dogs and cats whose ailments and diseases are mainly caused by inferior, industrially processed food.
Overweight, allergies, diarrhoea, constipation, eczema, skin diseases, but above all cancer, joint diseases, diabetes and heart diseases as well as circulatory diseases are unfortunately and in many cases the result of years of poor nutrition of our four-legged friends.
Only after competent and qualified clarification during the consultation do many dog and cat owners understand and recognize that the supposedly first-class food - with millions of dollars in advertising and attractive packaging both in supermarkets and in the food chains presented to the consumer - "does not offer what was promised".
Dr. Jutta Ziegler